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I have a business of real estate in the USA and I make a website for my business and I got an idea to add some animation video in my website so user can easily understand how our term and condition to work so I just order an animation video at animation video maker company and saw that my traffic was increase in just a couple of weeks.

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hello i am also a website designer in Branding Services In UAE here i am web designer so i know about this because i reads lot’s of blog over this and i read all these because this field is my future. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, independent animators earned an average of $73,030 as of May, 2011. there is also a flash animation cost, flash still consider as a new technology. the only way to buy animation is animated cloud service.  the price start from 19.99$/ month

Answered on January 5, 2019.
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