Aim for rockstar Headlines

The funny thing here is that I could write a whole new article on this subject, but for now let’s keep in mind the basics.

I read a really nice take on Headlines by Nathan Ellering the other day, content marketer at co-schedule. (a tool that we love using here at GrowthRocks)

So I will mix things up a little bit with my own experience and ta daaaaaa:

  • Make sure that the Headline answers an answer to a question of the community
  • Figure out the type of headline that works for you (e.g. top x lists, how-to guides)
  • Mix common words with power words
  • Ask a question
  • A little drama, aka emotional vocabulary, never hurt nobody
  • Go for 6-7 words max
conversion rate optimization

This is one of my most successful articles and I strongly believe that one of the key factors here is the title.

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