Another Open Beta for TERA announced for past gamers

I was very cautious not tera buy gold lean tera buy goldo far over the little ocean ponds. The others were fearless, leaping over the rocks, perching precariously on the edges. I found a very stable-looking rock on the fringe of one of the largest pools and sat there cautiously, spellbound by the natural aquarium below me. The bouquets of brilliant anemones undulated ceaselessly in the invisible current, twisted shells scurried about the edges, obscuring the crabs within them, starfish stuck motionless tera buy gold the rocks and each other, while one small black eel with white racing stripes wove through the bright green weeds, waiting for the sea tera buy gold return. I was completely absorbed, except for one small part of my mind that wondered what Edward was doing now, and trying tera buy gold imagine what he would be saying if he were here with me.

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