Anthony give up the Rockets and join the Cavaliers

The Cavaliers signings extremely failed! So far there is no masterpiece, and the warriors are frequently shot, basically retained all the original troops NBA Live Coins. James left the Cavaliers, if not change, then the next year and the warriors hegemony, I am afraid to be busy, until now, the form of signings for the Cavaliers is very grim, it can be said to have been to the edge of the cliff no way back , If you want to win, then only the transaction get Anthony. According to the latest news, James is currently in New York and Anthony to discuss matters to join, and this is the initiative to go to the Cavaliers is to ensure that the mediator to convince Anthony to give up the Rockets to join the Cavaliers.

James this time and Anthony’s meeting effect is very significant and Anthony is very sure willing to go to the Cavaliers and James side by side, of course, the Cavaliers are also very willing to see this, the current Cavaliers out of the price is: Thompson + Fry, and Cavaliers most want to get the car, but it is believed that the Cavaliers now in order to clean up Anthony will accept the deal, to know that only trade out of Anthony New York can be rebuilt, so that the Cavaliers will agree with the chips. The above situation and confirmed by the New York Post reporter Esso, the Cavaliers general manager Steve – Mills now seems to have agreed to send Anthony to the Cavaliers, and the two teams are now also the final details of the negotiations, if Do not appear in the case of a big accident on these two days will be announced.

Asked on February 11, 2018 in Articles.
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