Bethesda are placing rThe Elder Scrolls Bladesurces to this

I refuse to play with another mobile game since I got burned by those mobile games that you could only play for so long before buy ESOM Gold you could not play any longer until a specific amount of time has passed if you don’t would like to pay real money simply to continue playing. Yeah, I am not interested in almost any cellular game simply because of the time-gated games, I don’t care who makes it. Screw those developers who want to create games their business model and that. Yeah, I have a phone and no your sport can’t be on it.If these companies want us players to choose the mobile gambling seriously, why can’t they just make good games.I remember The Elder Scrolls Blades called Oceanhorn that was initially made for cellular devices and I honestly enjoyed playing with it. You paid the initial cost (~10$ iirc) and you also obtained a complete game with no further monetization what so ever.If those AAA companies want us to respect cellular gaming they need to perform at least that what Oceanhorn did.

Graphics are laughably bad. Touchscreen controls work for strategy and puzzlers. Bethesda are placing rThe Elder Scrolls Bladesurces to this shit rather than a correct The Elder Scrolls Blades or Fallout? RIP Bethesda, I won’t ever forget all of the great adventures but they are full company now.What’s soo discouraging is this is only accelerating. I’ve gone back and tried some older mobile games which at least were not mad monetized when I stopped playing with them. They all have additional layers of monetization schemes. And I see this going on in PC games and I just hate it, I’ve been buying old PC games to test them out cause the newest ones are only soo greedy.

I playing for couple of days, for chest is easy to The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold get and in no time my stock full of torso most of them is silver which require 3 hours to open its bothersome to wait that why my inventory is full. For torso doing 5 times to pursuit I got you chest will give equipment that is blue to me. I had been playing a few mobile games and I spent far too much money on these, but if fallout 76 came out and I saw how microtransactions were not just ruining mobile gambling, but gambling as a whole I chased them off. Now I just play games with one time payment or one time unlockables (purchase chapter two for $3 or something) but no recurring microtransactions.

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