Bethesda hides many changes in the Fallout 76 update

Fallout 76 Atoms Fallout 76 which Bethesda received a lot of negative responses and criticism. Even Fallout 76 is considered a failure by fans of this series.

Since this game was released there have been several updates that have been released by Bethesda. One of them is an update on December 4 which increases the player’s stash limit from 400 to 600 based on suggestions from players. This was explained by Bethesda through a post on Inside the Vault.

But after being released Fallout 76 was instead considered as bad not as promised. Many players expressed their disappointment in the Fallout 76 forum.

But not only that because Destructoid has reported about a post on Reddit from a user named Robbie who found that there were more changes than Bethesda explained buy Fallout 76 Atoms all of which were related to the balance of the game.

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Asked on December 7, 2018 in Articles.
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