Can Blogging be a money making machine?

Just about every business today has a blog on their website. I think it is safe to say blogging is here to stay and you may as well be part of it. If you have a passion, create a blog and write about it. You can earn money through affiliates who will pay you to mention their brand on your website. For example, an auto mechanic may blog about fixing cars. If he creates an affiliate link inside of his blog post, you may go out and purchase the same tools and the mechanic would get a commission from the tool company.

Very often your side hustle could soon outperform your day job….and then outperform any expectations you have ever had. Just ask Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income where he shares with you his monthly income reports ($127k/month for May 2016). If you would like to create a blog, I would recommend starting with Bluehost and WordPress.

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