Friendly Reminder for PoE Map Level Up

I have been playing Path of Exile for a very long time and I believe that I can do better than most of the players, so I am here to share some important tips about Map leveling, and you can find more path of exile guides here, we should help each other in the game.

Sooner or later it will come lower to preference, that’s true: I am just applying a disagreement for that efficiency of alching. I certainly wouldn’t ever advise obtaining trash rares, just obtaining products which have a good possibility of being something worth selling is sufficient to sustain alchs for me personally.

Generally, I fill exactly one pack of loot (or fewer) inside a given alched map, when i get a reasonably small % from the total rares dropped. Irrrve never gets enough to make use of multiple portals unless of course something truly special dropped and I am from a room. If you are likely to go to the vendor whatsoever following a map, you might as well possess a couple of extra rares for those who have space. It requires an additional second or more to ID individuals couple of extra products, and often, you receive things it is simple to sell.

Friendly Reminder for PoE Map Level Up

For obvious speed, I do not find “rippy” mods to affect my obvious speed for <T10 maps. Temp chains/chilled ground? Sure, but that’s not common. That tier of the map is just so easy that even though I play on HC, I don’t really play any slower in alched maps than I would in magic ones. There’s just no need. I do agree that if your build can’t run most map mods smoothly (i.e. reflect, no-regen, half-regen), running magic maps probably makes the most sense.

If you’re at the point where alching the map isn’t likely to worsen clear speed greatly, it’s definitely worth it if only for the extra currency that drops. An alch is usually adding ~50% quantity over a magic map on average, and I easily get at least ~1 chaos worth of currency/6-sockets in a white map. That makes the extra ~50% quantity worth at least 1 alch in extra currency dropped(but probably more) on its own. So even if you’re not including extra rares/uniques and exp, the investment pays for itself.

This league I’m running a voltaxic sparker so, as I’m facerolling ridiculously, I tend to be a bit more generous with path of exile currency considering I just run every map as is, whatever the mods.

But for someone starting out, or with a weaker build and wondering how to have a working map pool, the method applies fully imho.

Myself, I only pick up maps, currency, 6 slots/links, good uniques and refill my rare chaos recipe tab as needed. In general, I stop by my stash/vendor once in three maps.

The whole question is how much the 50% inc qtty really impact the drops. As for MFing in this game, I’m not convinced it’s worth it, and more chance to buy poe currency to acquire a better MF mechanic.

If it’s any indication, with this method in around 30 hours of playtime on this character I’ve earned enough to deck myself with 3-4 ex of equipment, and I’ve not sold any uniques I’ve picked – save for a 1 chaos jewel. The unique market is really slow on this perandus league thanks to cadiro.

That’s because you never tried it. Whatever the percentages tell you, the actual difference between a chiseled/alch map and a blue is minimal in term of actual results.

The higher the map cost, the more profitable it becomes because every bit counts and the relative cost lessen when we’re talking about 15-20 chaos map cost, but below 10 it’s just counterproductive.

4 chisels are close to 2 chaos, you’re spending 2 chaos alch on a map that’ll seldom give you back half as much. A volcano map is worth 2 chaos atm, I’m 100% sure the bonus between your pampered map and my blue map won’t add up to one T10.

Another example, let’s take a Dry Peninsula. You alch and chisel it to a good 30% pack size. With what it just cost you, I can buy 2 Dry Peninsula. I run 3 maps for the cost of your one. Basically, I’m on a 300% pack size to your 30%.

And I run them faster too, as I’m far less likely to rip or be slowed by stinky mods you kept because it would have cost you too much to chaos it.

Alching and chiselling are only good for high-end mapping. Chiselling below that is playing the RNG game, and you seldom win this one. Better play the pragmatic ratio of time/efficiency/cost.

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