Further innovations including the creation of the rice polisher

With the application of a small amount of pressure, the remaining bran particles were removed and the rice became shinier or more transparent. It drove further innovations, including the creation of the rice polisher, which consisted of three principal parts: a feed screw, a cam roll and screen. Rice is fed into the machine by gravity, while both the feed screw and cam rolls rotate. The feed screw pushes the rice into the working chamber where a retainer plate, with an adjustable counterweight, creates a controlled pressure on the rice kernels. The fractioning effect is achieved by rolling or rubbing the rice and through displacement. A screen basket covers the cam rolls, allowing a pre-determined distance between them. Air suction enhances the compactness and cools the rice while sucking away the residue.

Polishing brushes are polishing machines that wear many hats and come in a variety of forms. For example, they may be automated, attached to a motor, made as cylinder or roller brushes, where they rotate swiftly. These polishing machines polish the surface of any objects with which they come in contact. To serve smaller applications, polishing brushes can be designed in disc and cup shapes and attached to any handheld power tool, such as a hand drill. These brushes can come in a variety of sizes, making it simple and convenient for anyone to quickly, professionally and inexpensively polish individual items.

Metallography specimen polishing machine is suitable for the polishing of the specimen which has been grinded. The specimen surface is very smooth after processing and can be used to observe and measure the metallography structure of specimen under microscope. It is versatile to use with quality sample preparation in minimum time. It can produce high quality samples demanded by present quality needs.

Whitening index of the rice whitener: For simplicity of calculation, assume the rice particles being whitened inside the whitening chamber as homogeneous spheres each having a volume of v, density of p5, and diameter of dp. Further, assume that the particle stack inside the whitening chamber has a homogeneous void ratio E.Considering an imaginary broken surface at any cross-section inside the whitening chamber represented by dash line.

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