Media.Net Pros and Cons in 2017

Publishers say that Media.Net is probably the biggest competitor of Google Adsense and that they actually pay a lot more than Google Adsense.

Overview of Media.Net pros:

  • The ability to add highly relevant ads

The main way of making money from “contextual ads” is the relevancy. If you are not making money from publishing platforms such as AdSense, that’s because your ads are not at all relevant to the content you publish on your sites.

  • Support by a real human!

Yes, this is correct! Compared to Google Adsense automated system, Media.Net actually appoints an account manager for every Publisher. You can reach your account manager by phone or via email. They usually reply within 24 hours which is great!

  • Focused only on website owners with great content

Unlike AdSense, platform is highly focused on placing their ads on the websites with top quality. So you need to have great content in order to make more money from This is what keeps it unique from other publishing networks and it’s also benefit for both the advertisers and publishers like you to make more money while helping people better.

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