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First off, there are only three of these guys. However, being a personification of Death, they have a Touch of Death attack. So, don’t try melee, unless you want to be reduced to a red stain on the floor Well, you can try melee if you’re really brave, and proficient.

Concerns about questionable land deals, such as the Glebe Park purchase, and the closeness of links between the government and developers have driven pressure for all parties to act on government integrity. Initially, only the Greens were willing to commit to creating an ACT independent commission against corruption. The Liberals, who had savaged Labor over the “smell” around the government, originally baulked at an ICAC,

but later promised they would set one up, if elected.The $9 billion is predicated on a new per plane price of about $90 million, according to reports. Independent estimates of the all in per plane cost of an F 35, including the weapons systems, come in at $150 million or more. Even that, at best, is an educated guess.

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