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I a game designer (not with jagex) with a specialty in game balance. In my opinion, you could runescape gold justify faster weapons having lower dps due to the additional versatility they have instead. For example, you have more opportunities to switch targets, stop to heal, hit and run, etc with faster attack speeds.

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The sad thing is she might be right. Dudes will be stupid about girls they want who enjoy being wanted and invite it. But there will be fallout, even if it doesn land on her. Almost especially if it doesn land on her.Good job. That a damn good show of relationship respect if I do say so.So now you learn what you have been missing.

This isn healthy for anyone involved. She already had an incident of anger because what she is doing is factually leading people on. She is so good at it that she can manage to stay “technically” within boundaries by letting all of the line crossing be on their side. She encourages other guys to act in ways that would be disrespectful to you if they knew she was dating you.

It is also wrong. This is not ethical behavior. She is manipulating them and you and it an “I staying technically within the bounds, they the ones doing it” thing.So your bottom line is to figure out if she can actually accept accountability for being a pied piper for stupid dudes. If she can see the pattern she is engaged in and understand that it is both disrespectful to you and exploitative of them,

even if in a way where she not trying to hurt anyone. Moreso, it is dangerous in a world where women have been shot for saying no to a date to directly and openly manipulate men for attracted attention. She already had one guy act entitled to her. She is not living a life where she gives men the impression that such behavior towards her is not acceptable.

And THAT is the real problem here. She is not only not maintaining appropriate boundaries as she should in an exclusive relationship, she is being purposefully disingenuous with them and lying for attention and tacitly encouraging them to continue said attention. This is not healthy. She needs to stop and maybe go see a therapist about how much she is willing to be manipulative to get someone to give her validation. Thank you.

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