PC players can play with Xbox players

Rocket League also has something that very few other games have with support for cross-network play. PC players can play with either PlayStation or Xbox players, though PlayStation and Xbox players can’t play Rocket League Keys with one another at this time. Psyonix has said that once they get the go ahead from Sony, they will have that feature up and running in less than a business day. Sadly, there’s still no news on that front, but the fact that you can play against people on other platforms means that there is less segregation of the player base, and it also keeps the queue times low—always important when a game lasts just over five minutes.

The majority of competitive Rocket League is based around community-organized tournaments, many of which are largely crowdfunded by the viewers Rocket League Crates.  With Rocket League being such a new game , the majority of the community uses Discord and Twitter to communicate, rather than a tangled web of Facebook groups, forums, and TeamSpeak servers that can make it harder to bounce around when you are looking for someone to group with. You’ll find that it can be easy to connect with people who enjoy driving cars into balls as much as you do.

Asked on February 22, 2018 in Articles.
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