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WASHINGTON ECCO Track 6 Gtx Plain Toe Lo Nere italia , July 21 (Xinhua) — Although many presidential candidates’ blueprints are grabbing headlines in the run-up to the 2016 U.S. elections, it seems that most Americans still hold a dim view of both Democrats and Republicans.

“As the 2016 presidential race increasingly dominates political news, the favorable ratings for both major parties are still close to their historical lows,” Gallup said of a poll released Monday.

Currently, 42 percent of Americans favor the Democrats ECCO Helsinki Cap Toe Tie Nere italia , up from 39 percent, while the Republicans’ popularity rate dropped from 37 percent to 35 percent, according to the survey, whose results show that Americans now hold a more positive view of the Democrats.

After the substantial losses in the 2014 midterm Congressional elections, Democrats have seen a slight improvement in their political standing.

They recently regained their edge in party affiliation that they lost last fall ECCO Cairo Plain Toe Tie Nere italia , while the approval rating of Democratic President Barack Obama has risen slightly over the course of this year compared with last year, found the leading pollster.

The Democrats’ current favorable rate is in a positive relationship with how the American public has seen the party over the course of Obama’s presidency.

The Democratic Party used to enjoy a popularity rate higher than 50 percent in 2009, but it then fell to the low 40s in 2010 and remained around that level over the next several years, aside from a brief spike of 51 percent in November 2012 after Obama’s re-election.

Meanwhile, Republicans have seen their slight boost in popularity last fall reverse itself. But recent political history shows that Republicans’ popularity rate can be volatile.

For example ECCO Findlay Plain Toe Tie Nere italia , during the government shutdown in October 2013, Republicans saw their popularity rate plunge to 28 percent. For a brief time, there was talk among some political pundits that the Republican Party might fail to pick up seats in Congress in 2014, which would have been a rarity for the opposition party in a midterm election.

But beginning in late 2013, Republicans saw their popularity rate rise steadily as Obama’s presidency was beset with problems ECCO Uomo Casual Hybrid Ii Grigie italia , including the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the Ebola outbreak in the United States, and revelations that the Veterans Administration falsified reports to conceal the waiting times veterans endured to receive medical attention.

By November 2014, Americans viewed the Republican Party more favorably than the Democratic Party — a rare occurrence in Gallup’s trend dating back to 1992. The parties’ current positioning is a reversal of what it was in November, Gallup found.

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RIO DE JANEIRO, May 20 (Xinhua) — Rio de Janeiro’s state government has requested that 2,500 members of Brazil’s armed forces be deployed throughout the city of Rio during this year’s Olympic Games, officials said on Friday.

State secretary of public security, Jose Mariano Beltrame, said the soldiers would mainly patrol Rio’s major roads, and streets surrounding Olympic venues.

“This would allow the state’s security forces to carry out other tasks like caring for citizens and tourists, because the city will be full,” Beltrame told reporters.

The request will be forwarded by defence minister Raul Jungmann to interim president Michel Temer next week, Beltrame said.

An additional 9,600 members of Brazil’s national security force will be responsible for overseeing security within Rio’s Olympic sports venues.

In total there will be 85,000 security personnel – including armed forces, police and security agents – deployed during the Games.

The Olympics will be held from August 5 to 21 and the Paralympics from September 7 to 18.

BEIJING, July 21 (Xinhua) — China has handed in its economic performance sheet for the first half of 2015. While it seems lackluster at first glimpse, a closer look reveals encouraging signs.

China’s headline GDP growth stayed flat at 7 percent in Q2 — not an impressive performance compared with the first half of 2014, leading to concerns of continuous slowdown and a possible hard landing.

However, these concerns have mischaracterized the current state of the Chinese economy.

The economy ECCO Irving Fisherman Sandali Nere italia , which is in a “new normal” stage of slower but steadier growth, is showing signs of bottoming out.

The property sector, a key contributor to economic growth, saw its sales grow strongly in June and Q2, and infrastructure investment accelerated in June .

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