RuneScape 1-99 Construction Quick Guideline

Levels 1-19
You will definitely make Crude Wooden Ergonomic chairs, and the room for this may be the Parlour room. These need 2 Planks and two Nails each, but you will need more nails because they accomplish break sometimes. You need to help make 61 Crude Wooden Ergonomic chairs to get level 19. Typically the XP you will get for each couch is 66.

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Levels 19-26
We can do Oak Chair. This requires a Parlour Area and each chair needs a couple of oak planks. You’ll have to have 80 Oak Planks to get level 26, this means you might have to make 40 Pecan Chairs which should take close to 5 minutes. This would be a loss in 40-50K RS3 Gold as well as the XP you’ll get for every single chair is 120.

Degrees 26-33
You can move on to Pecan Armchairs. This also requires Parlour room. Oak Armchair involves 3 Oak Planks each one, and you need 159 Pine Planks for level thirty three. You have to make 53 Oak Armchairs which should take 5-10 a few minutes. The XP you get for each and every chair is 180. Doing Oak Armchairs will be a losing 90-100K RSGP.

Levels 33-52
You can start doing Oak Arrêters in the Kitchen. Oak Larders demand 8 Oak Planks each and every and they give you quite a lot of XP per hour. You need 1, 760 Oak Planks for amount 52. you will have to make 200 Oak Larders. This should have you 1 hour, and the damage will be around 1-1.2M RSGP. The XP you will get per Oak Larder will be 480.

Remember to use a Retainer at level 40+, as a Butler can go to the bank in your case and get you Planks, which could speed up your XP on a daily basis and how many you can make on a daily basis dramatically.
At level 50+ you can use a Demon Retainer who is a bit quicker from coming back, and he brings backside more Planks.

Levels 52-63
You are going to have your Devil Butler and you can make Mahogany Tables. This requires a Dining area, and you’ll be using six Mahogany Planks each. You will need 1,750 Mahogany Cedar planks for level 63, and also to make 292 Mahogany Platforms to use up all of these cedar plank. This takes 30 minutes while using butler getting everything from the lender for you. Making these dining tables will be a loss of 4-4. 5M RS Gold. You will get 400-600K XP/H depending on how effective you are.

Levels 63+
We are able to do Driftwood Prawnbrokers. You can be building these in the Tank room. The Driftwood Prawnbroker requires 8 Teak Cedar plank each. These are 500K XP/H and cost you 12-13 GP/XP. You need 6, 937 Teak wood Planks if you just want to visit level 73 and start performing Mahogany Prawnbrokers. If you simply going to level 73, actually need 868 Prawnbrokers which acquire 70-90 minutes and hit you up for 8M RS Gold.

If you need to do this all the way to level 99, you are going to need 140, 732 Teak Planks for 99. Remember that all of these can be fifty percent during DXP Weekend, therefore in DXP you only require 70,000 Teak Cedar planks. You’ll have to make seventeen, 592 Prawnbrokers for degree 99, and it takes you 25-27 hours and costs 160-165M RS Gold. Again, all this half on DXP end of the week.

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