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No s!t the swim portion of today’s NYC Ironman competition won’t go down the toilet.A multimillion gallon sewage cheap runescape gold leak in Westchester County threatened to affect the 2.4 mile swim course on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River, water tests showed.The event the first Ironman championship ever held in a major city begins in Palisades Interstate Park with the swim, followed by a 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile run.

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So I am also a low plat Ana main but that being said I still think I could offer a bit of advice regarding offensive nades because I particularly focus/ look for them (probably sometimes when I shouldn lol). and there is the nade where you look to anti an important target and use that to initiate a fight with your team. The imperative part of this being that your team is ready to capitalize on that opportunity.

Regarding your comments on the first point, I think you played it fine maybe a little bit less hip fire like you mentioned but overall it was decent. Especially with your genii playing as Agro as he was.One thing that I felt for this match was that there was very rarely a full team fight. It felt that consistently your team was pushing a 5v6 (or less) or right when you got grouped up a dps would go get picked and that something you could call and acknowledge and hopefully get your team to adjust.

That the nice thing about the current status of the ACC, we really only need to win the games we supposed to win, and we should be looking at being a top 25 team and 8 10 win seasons. Hell we have 2 losses on the season, both to teams currently ranked, and I think we win the Cuse game if we play it at home(not discrediting Cuse at all, we just clearly play better at home) but I wouldn stay it was a huge upset(esp given our injuries that game).

So we play in 12 regular season games this year, we be favored in 11 out of 12, and if we manage to go 10 2, that a hell of a season. The best part is, this was supposed to be a “rebuilding” year, as we lost a bevy of talent to the NFL and this was when we had a dip in recruiting among our upperclassmen, and the 2018 and 2019 classes are some of the best we had since Amato.

If we can just win the games we suppose to win this year, finish 10 2 and get a good bowl game, continue to dominate NC recruiting like we have the last 2 years, Doeren really will position himself to be the 2nd best team in the ACC for the next few years. Obviously this is all speculation and depends on if these recruits pan out, but he built the program up nicely and

I know other schools will take notice. I fully expect major programs to try and poach our OL coach(our numbers since he got here have been ridiculous) and I think our OC could be in position to land a HC gig, so it be an interesting offseason.There were a few wasted nano that you used when a fight was surely lost, one at like 10:48 I think. Carolina in Charlotte last year? Other than that, we been a favorite in essentially every game.Well on one hand I put in thousands of hours that some would argue I never get back. That being said I have met a bunch of wonderful people via games and still have lasting friendships and memories that are valuable to me. I think based on my personality I tend to binge play games and when I am fully absorbed it amazing but I struggle to focus on anything else which is a major detriment to being a productive adult and so I haven really been able to enjoy/experience gaming like I used to

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