Skin painting appearance of rocket league

Reference for the processing of tencent has always been to “LOL”, “rocket league” dress will likely create consumption in skin painting appearance, rather than change involves the balance of the game Rocket League Keys. Tencent also knows the importance of “fairness” in running a competitive game. After all, knowing that “scientific Internet” is a plus for an Internet user should never be seen as a “qualification” to play a game. It’s just that the “gray zone” of Steam in China makes many questions unspeakable. At this point, tencent’s intervention is seen as a “lower barriers to entry” player of the most effective solutions, any player can skip the area “technical difficulties”, directly into the game.

Another way to lower barriers to entry is “free”. To tell the truth, the two words can bring about the promotion effect, we have already obtained the proof in “the alliance of heroes” Rocket League Items and “king’s glory”. As a newspaper said “people very rich”, but “people to think you don’t have the money,” results “everyone don’t understand what the rich have no money” society, “don’t money” still have a lot of magic. And, after years of market operation, the mainstream messaging habits of Chinese gaming circles are clearly more prone to “free games, including consumption points”.

Asked on February 23, 2018 in Articles.
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