Snake hook and snake tongs are design for the safe handling

Depending on the type of snake and its temperament it may be needed to control them with such tools. The advantage is safety and minimal human handling.

The disadvantage is that you must be proficient with the tool to use it properly as there is no tactile sense at the end of it like your fingers provide, one could harm the snake and not know it.

Considering the type of creature, thinking of a potentially lethal venomous bite, the training for the snake hook should closely resemble martial arts weapon training.

Snake hook and snake tongs are design for the safe handling of animals that may be venomous or who may have a nasty disposition. This simple snake hook design explained below is a “quick fix” for when a professional snake hook or snake tongs are not available.

Snake hooks come in a variety of shapes, designs, and lengths. You can also purchase snake tongs, which are designed to “grab” the snake. These “tongs” are especially useful for snakes that are prone to not staying on snake hooks as they give you better control over the animal.

The basic Snake Tongs is nothing more than a long stick that has a hook of some sort on the end.

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