The game developers abroad

It is common knowledge that the ancient clouds were cheap and cheap. However, it seems that the game developers abroad is not very understanding, to the transplantation of a shorter time Rocket League Keys, in order to the transplantation of lower cost, rocket league and B club “Doom” return to castle Wolfenstein: new colossus 2 “when the Switch is these a few games in transplantation chose a company called Panic Button don’t have much experience of small studio outsourcing transplantation. In the face of a new platform,

“Doom”, it is still easy to find the water. After all, “the ancient scroll 5” is also known to be a perfect rendering of 1080P. But the rocket league, an independent studio that relies on just one game, has no other game except the blockbuster. In such cases, face the future there may be millions and millions of sales of the possibility of market (30 million games in the whole platform sales volume at present, ensure the quality on the Switch, if although be difficult to do, but millions of sales is always little not), the official is a small studio in order to save money to save trouble for transplantation.

Asked on February 24, 2018 in Articles.
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