The next ‘Rainbow Six: Siege’ update Targets Major Bugs

The team over at Ubisoft just laid out their plans for the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege patch coming soon and it aims to fix the biggest player-reported bugs in the game first and foremost. The aim of this update is pure stability, which means balance changes are coming as well.

The invisibility bug has slowly spread throughout the community in the past month, but has never reached the critical mass of other troublesome exploits, like the terrifying Blitz hipfire fiasco or Jager’s deployable shield helmet. The invisibility bug is often caused by accident, as I witnessed for myself in a match last week, but could be employed by the impure of heart.

As for the much-vaunted first complete map rework? From early indications the revamped Hereford Base really is closer to a new map than a spruced up version of a familiar place. Buy cheap Rainbow Six Siege Credits from with huge discount. You’ll likely have to throw out any patterns and tactics you memorized from the original version. And that’s really the point of Grim Sky it appears — Ubisoft wants to unsettle players who might be overly comfortable with Siege’s experience three years after launch.

The balancing changes currently being tested on the Technical Test Server, mostly concerning Clash and the weapon swap time between her shield and weapon, will not be making it into this patch. Ubisoft explained this decision in the post, citing back-end changes that needed to go live in this patch before the balancing changes were out of the testing phase. However, one bug fix listed in the patch does nerf Clash quite a bit. She can no longer “instantly go into ADS with her secondary after un–equipping her shield.” Many had assumed this was working as intended, but I’m glad to see it was a bug.

They added, “This patch will address a number of major exploits such as the deployable shield vaulting issues, the invisibility glitch, and the washing machine glitch. The Y3S3.1.2 patch will be deployed this week for PC. Console deployment of these bug fixes will come later in the month with the balancing changes, and will be a part of the Y3S3.2 patch.”

The upcoming update also has a few mild changes coming to the game’s Charms, Pick and Ban feature, as well as a few other minor bug fixes in the works. For more on the smaller tweaks, you can check out the patch notes on the official website.

Asked on November 15, 2018 in Articles.
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