The Problem With Fake News Is Not That Its Fake

Year 2016 was revolutionary in every sense of the word ‘revolution’. The world witnessed military coups, occupy X movements, governments were toppled, new leaders chosen democratically who were not the first favorites, technology changed the world and more.

“Its incredibly powerful to imagine that people around the world were moved emotionally to such an extent that they took the mantle of changing the world themselves”

Several conspiracy theories cropped up and a lot more that led to shaping the human perception in ways that were not truly ‘real’.

And then came along people who used their smarts to exploit the human emotion vulnerability. They created rumours, propaganda and finally FAKE NEWS!

NEWS has impacted the world deeply. Fake news, Propaganda, Rumours have especially been majorly impactful.

The real problem with fake news!

I have been researching deeply by reading articles and culling out facts from various sources on what is true and what is not. The insight is powerful.

The problem with fake news is not that its fake. Its that it spreads fast and when millions share it on social media, it establishes a perception that makes it appear real. People start believing in it and they share it widely.

The solution to this problem!

In the world of click-baits and sharp headlines that are made up to capture readers’ attention it will be tough for Google/ Facebook to solve this problem completely. Advertising dollars after all come through media!

What’s needed hence is a self-funded organisation that will ensure that people get only the news that’s ranked by millions as ‘true’ and is supported by people ‘who can drive facts’ or are ‘trusted’.

FON NEWS – Fake Or Not, You Decide!

I am beginning an experiment (funded by self at present), to build a news feed that allows NEWS that is marked trusted by a large set of people around the world.

Join the FON NEWS Group on Linkedin & Facebook!

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FON NEWS will share open invites to form a core team of smart people around the world to build this platform and impact the world for the better.

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