The reasons and how to repair stripes appear on your pc screen?

The reasons and how to repair stripes appear on your pc screen?

There are friends who reflect their own computer screen often appear stripes. Why the computer will apear stripes? If we have the same trouble, then look at the next computer monitor stripes appear how to repair and computer screen stripes appear reasons tutorial
Computer monitor stripes appear how to repair? Computer screen stripes appear reasons triple

1, subject to external interference
Is due to the placement of the display near the strong electromagnetic interference, such as spark and high frequency electromagnetic. If the interference intensity is very large, it will lead to the entire screen display white horizontal stripes; if the interference intensity is not large, then the performance of a corner of the display of a serious change in the situation.
Solution: the emergence of these two cases, we must first focus on the use of the monitor around the scene to check, to exclude the occurrence of strong magnetic interference equipment, under normal circumstances, the problem can be resolved.

2, subject to internal interference
Internal interference and external interference performance is very different, if the monitor internal interference, will make the display screen appears black horizontal stripes, and more serious.
Solution: In this case, we can open the case to check whether there is a poor contact inside the display, the power output or output transformer and so there is no problem.

3, the display life is too long
Years of internal capacitance will appear aging failure, which led to the start too slow, the screen is dark, the font blurred phenomenon. At this time as long as the replacement of aging capacitors, are generally able to rule out the failure, but also because the technology is quite high work, the proposed repair.

4, the monitor resolution is set incorrectly
There may be serious computer screen stripes fault, such failures will generally appear in the older machines, if your computer work in the Windows system, then you can press the F8 key to enter the system safe mode, re-set the display Display mode, after the restart can generally be troubleshooting.

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