There only a few days left before The Division 2 official global launch

The Division 2 isn’t the only looter shooter having difficulties getting out of the gate. BioWare continues to struggle with the drop rates in Anthem, which has drawn the ire of its community. Following an unintentional buff to Masterwork and Legendary drop rates over the weekend, a recent patch has again lowered that number back down making it harder to obtain the best loot again. A Reddit post calling for players to stop playing for 5 days in protest is quickly gaining momentum with over 10,000 upvotes. Considering how Anthem has struggled with critics and the community and with a rival game in The Division 2 launching this week, it’s a very important time for the new IP.

Early access has already begun for this game, so if you have the Gold or Ultimate editions you can head to your platform of choice, download and play right now. This happened a day earlier than people expected it to, not that anyone is really complaining. It’s unclear if this was the result of time zone trickery or just a switch that got flipped at an unexpected time, but it doesn’t appear to have had any adverse effects from a technical perspective. The game is silky smooth and apparently finished, which is sort of a big deal here in world of modern loot shooters.

At the end of the day amid a sea of sci-fi and fantasy looter shooters, The Division is bound by the realistic rules of its universe, which gets grating after killing the same generic “bad guy” human model for the thousandth time. Having a base at The White House seems cool until you realize that most of it consists of surface-level bunker real estate, much like many of the other bunker bases in the series. There’s little nuance in the world of Division despite its ostensible urgency. Best and Cheapest The Division 2 Phoenix Credits For Sale –

But while there’s a lot about The Division 2 that feels disappointingly predictable it’s always been made clear that it’s the endgame which is the focus of the experience, and that’s going to take a while for us to get to. There was a glimpse of it in the preview though, where a new faction invades the game world and you’re given the option to specialise your character and choose a signature weapon – and that does all sound pretty exciting.

Weird packaging aside, the Commendations seem to largely serve a net good. They recognize the range of ways people might like to play the game. They also dole out wearable patches and at least one unlockable emote for gaining points and hitting new point thresholds. The ones about playing the game a ton might lead to some unhealthy habits, but the ones encouraging players to be positive forces in each other’s games may well do some good in fostering a better online experience. Now if only the people in these safe houses will start dancing when our guys do.

Ubisoft has clearly looked at the problems suffered by its rivals and successfully identified where they’re going wrong and how to counter it. Unlike Anthem, we don’t think anyone’s going to be complaining about a lack of things to do or a disappointing endgame in The Division 2. Instead the main question now is how entertaining the grind is to get there.

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