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RS Halloween 2018 – Til Death Do Us Part is active now featuring Moia, Four Horsemen and mysterious energy rifts. Top site RS3gold offer 9% off buy rs3 gold for RS Halloween 2018.What have you got from this Halloween event? Among a variety of rewards, adrenaline urn and soul phylactery are worth your effort for their effective uses.

How to gain adrenaline urn & soul phylactery?

Both of RuneScape adrenaline urn and soul phylactery are obtained by opening a medium corrupted energy; therefore, you should earn the corrupted energy (medium) first for these two items.
During RuneScape Halloween 2018, you will receive a corrupted energy after disrupting the black hands in the warped chamber. Medium corrupted energy can be obtained when you reach the econd warped chamber reward.

What are uses of adrenaline urn & soul phylactery?

RuneScape adrenaline urn is very efficient to store adrenaline, as it can store up to 1000% adrenaline which is gained from combat. When you are out of combat, charges from the adrenaline urn are depleted instead of your adrenaline, preventing adrenaline from draining. Every 2 game ticks the urn will lose 5% adrenaline.
RuneScape soul phylactery can be used to resurrect a player with all life points fully restored. It seems to be useful, but you should notice that it is destroyed once used. The soul phylactery cannot restore Prayer points or any stats which had been drained, and it doesn’t work when a player is killed by the special attack of a TokHaar-Ket-Dill.

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