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Talking of great bargains. I picked up a Sega Dreamcast from eBay for 25 quid. That’s runescape 2007 gold not the deal though. It came with 4 CDs. Two of which have literally every game for the Sega Mega Drive. One CD with SNES games with Zelda: A Link To The Past and Shadow Run amongst others. The last CD has hundreds of Game Gear and Master System games on it.

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There are definitely good and bad aspects to these games. I’ve been addicted to EverQuest and EverQuest 2. I’m currently “in control” of my addiction. I still play games, but haven’t played online games for several months. I will almost certainly return to EverQuest 2 at some point (but not spend as much time there).

Now you will have to find a safe path across the large grid in front of you using trial and error as it is different for everyone. Start by finding a square on the first row that you can stand on without immediately falling into a pit, then find the square on the second row that supports you, then the third row and so on until you reach the other side.

CV: [laughs] Well, what fascinated me about Cookie Cutter in particular was that I was actually working on a different game and I just kept it open on my screen. It has a subversive subtext to it. You start off and you click cookies, you get cookies, and you use these to buy things to make more cookies.

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