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ūüėõ Currently my computer is a lot slower and has random popups via osrs gold internet explorer. Also, before I had mcafee, spybot search and destroy, and spyware doctor. I uninstalled all but mcafee, mcafee is a version that was paid for. The beauty of our little cabinet however was that I knew you could access the guts of the wiring with the deft use of my flatmate’s car keys.

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It is a huge joint heritage. People like me were born and raised in England because of our military heritage. We were invited to live in England by the British and that the reason we have a huge Punjabi community, a Sikh community, in the Lower Mainland.

We have lost what it means to have connection because all we’re ever connected to is the internet or our devices. We just don’t want to get involved, don’t want to to get into a conversation with some rogue person in a grocery store. Because who starts up a convo in the grocery store? I do, well, short ones, about a product or a price or I tell someone where to find what they’re looking for but I’m one of those strange people that tries to break social bubbles by being bubbly..

He won 12 worlds. So I win six. He won 90 some shows. Earlier Sunday, photos released by the North Korean government showed Kim talking with his lieutenants as he observed a silver, peanut shaped device that was apparently the purported thermonuclear weapon destined for an ICBM. What appeared to be the nose cone of a missile could also be seen near the alleged bomb in one picture, which could not be independently verified and was taken without outside journalists present. Another photo showed a diagram on the wall behind Kim of a bomb mounted inside a cone..

A. When you talk about India, it such a diverse country you need to get the people right. Would you get the Scottish story right by asking a Sicilian? Typically, that what happened in the past. So, we ate dinner and our waiter came back out to find out our dessert order. I remembered what I wanted but

Neil could only remember it was the last thing on the menu so when he said, “um, number 3?” the waiter was clearly not amused, despite the fact it was his suggestion we order after eating without a menu to refer to. And then when we finally got our desserts, mine was wrong..

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